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 INDEXED IN GOOGLE (that means people can find u easy!!!)

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PostSubject: INDEXED IN GOOGLE (that means people can find u easy!!!)   Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:34 pm

you are VERY well indexed in google, type the riders club podcast and you are the 8th result i think (that's amazing, coz the site hasn't even been up very long AT ALL) It takes me about 3 weeks for most of my sites to get well indexed, so i think that your site and podcast have EVEN MORE potential now!!!

LOOK AT THIS AMAZING DEAL!!! Get rickrolled for FREE! That's right, TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!!!!!! JuST ClIcK HeRe!!! NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Yeah, it's a good deal. Well, if you are reading this and haven't signed up....... *sends out the wolves*
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PostSubject: Re: INDEXED IN GOOGLE (that means people can find u easy!!!)   Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:54 pm

AWOSME!!!!! I knew we were like on the third page but that is AWSOME>

I'll take all the stars out of the sky for you, my love.
I'll run around the world a million time for you, my love.
I'll give the world, my love.
If you ask it of me I shall give it to you, Emily.
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INDEXED IN GOOGLE (that means people can find u easy!!!)
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